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Design Edge's sister company, BuyProduct Inc, has been inventing and licensing products since 1997. We invent internally as well as act as an agent for dozens of inventors. Our products have sold millions of units around the world. Our president, Matt Nuccio, served as co-chair of the Toy Industry Association (TIA) associate panel representing all inventors and designers in the toy industry for four years. He currently sits on the board of directors of the United Inventors Association (UIA) lobbying for patent reforms and inventors' rights. He has also worked as a consultant and on-air personality for the Science Channel's hit TV show,All-American Makers. We are an approved licensing agent for dozens of other toy and games companies, direct response, housewares, hardware, gift, electronic, medical and many other industries. Below is a sampling of some of our products. If you are interested in licensing a product or are looking for an agent, please contact us.

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