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Matt Nuccio. "It Takes a Village to Raise an Industry."

Toy & Family Entertainment, Jan. 2011

For the past several years I've been attending the Tagie Awards. I've watch as the event has grown tremendously. This years event, held at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, was completely sold out. It was hosted by the comedy stylings of Tim Walsh (inventor of Tribond, Blurt and filmaker, Toyland). The key note address was given by Hasbro Inventor relations main man, Mike Hirtle. The highlights of the evening for me were the Eddie Goldfarbs lifetime achievement award for toy inventing (notable Goldfarb toys are the Yakity-Yak Talking Teeth, Ker-Plunk and Battling Tops amongst many others) and the Young Inventor award presented by Seth Calvin, 2009 winner and John Ratzenberger (of Cheers and Toy Story fame -he’s the voice of Hamm the piggy bank) and awarded to Ms. Kate Daniels. I also enjoyed the open bar. ...perhaps a little too much.


I must compliment Mary Couzin who puts the Tagie Awards together. The Toy Industry has watched as this gathering has become more and more important year after year. These events keep the industry grounded and the Toy community in touch with the gears that make it turn. Events like Time To Play Magazines Fall and Spring Preview, showcase new products in with a similar purpose. They get out the word that the Industry is adaptable and vital.

At a time in which the various toy shows have begun to be disconnected, this social interplay is essential.  We need to keep in touch with each other on a personal basis. This takes more than an e-mail, Twitter or a instant message. It takes eye to eye contact with your industry peers. Tagie does all it can to highlight the importance of being a communicative industry, and we as an industry should do all we can to support these grass roots endeavors. See you at the next open bar.

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