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At Design Edge we help start-ups become real companies, we help real companies become big companies, and we help big companies get even bigger. Design Edge is the support you need to grow. Our team knows how to get an idea from a concept stage all the way to retail and, we at Design Edge, strive for perfection.

We are a multi award-winning international development agency with offices in New York and Hong Kong.  With over 30 years of history, we are one of the leading design and development firms in the world, designing, branding, packaging, product, displays, and advertising, as well as engineering and manufacturing. Design Edge is a laboratory for new and creative approaches, from traditional styles to the latest trends.





Looking to grow your business? Design Edge can help navigate your way through the pitfalls of launching products and brands to market. With over 25 years of industry experience, Design Edge has worked in almost every aspect of development, licensing and production. We have a wide network of resources from design to manufacturing and to sales that can help take your product from concept to reality.


Old Toys
Old Toys

Design Edge's sister company, BuyProduct Inc, has been inventing and licensing products since 1997. We invent internally as well as act as an agent for dozens of inventors. Our products have sold millions of units around the world. Our president, Matt Nuccio, served as co-chair of the Toy Industry Association (TIA) associate panel representing all inventors and designers in the toy industry for four years.


He currently sits on the board of directors of the United Inventors Association (UIA) lobbying for patent reforms and inventors' rights. He has also worked as a consultant and on-air personality for the Science Channel's hit TV show,All-American Makers. We are an approved licensing agent for dozens of other toy and games companies, direct response, housewares, hardware, gift, electronic, medical and many other industries.


Below is a sampling of some of our products. If you are interested in licensing a product or are looking for an agent, please contact us.

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Design Edge

• We have an extensive network of factories both domestic and in China. 


• We have over 30 years experience sourcing products both in the U.S and China.      


• We use reliable suppliers whom we have long standing relationships. 


• We negotiate with our suppliers to achieve the best price/quality ratio.


• We are well versed in testing procedures and we are compliant to standards.


• Our China team is capable of speaking several Chinese languages and dialects in order to communicate better with suppliers.


• If you are already importing and are having quality, communications, pricing or logistics issues we can help solve your problems.


• We provide full outsourcing services to companies looking to buy from China for the 1st time.


• Our team can inspect and ensure quality control.

Injection Molded
Helmut Monster



Design Edge was founded in 1987 by Mark and Linda Nuccio out of their suburban home in Long Island, New York. Before starting Design Edge Mark had worked for Ideal Toy and then Aura Toys before becoming the Vice President of Design and Marketing for HG toys. After working for HG Toys for 17 years, they were acquired by Superior Toys and Mark decided to not relocate the family to Chicago. Instead he teamed up with his wife Linda, a professional illustrator and art teacher, to start Design Edge out of the family garage. Within a year the company went from a small freelance outfit to full fledge design agency and relocated to Manhattan's Madison Avenue. 


From the start Mark and Linda knew that to compete in the agency market they had to wear many hats. Design Edge was not going to simply be a graphic design house, they were going to design, develop, market, invent and produce products for a wide variety of industries. Their concept paid off and soon grew to a 20 person operation including their daughter Jennifer, son Matt and nephew Chris. Design Edge had established itself as a company that knew how to effectively take a product from concept to reality in a variety of markets. By 1997 Linda and Mark started transitioning the business to their son Matt. By 2004 Matt had grown the company to include sourcing and opened an office in Hong Kong. Soon Design Edge had not only become a design power house and development agency but a sourcing agent for companies such as Hanes Brands, Kodak, Barnes and Nobles as well as dozens of toy, gift, pet, food and beverage, hardware and houseware companies.


In 2005 Matt was elected co-chairman of the Toy Industry Association (TIA) associated panel representing all designers and inventors in the toy industry. In 2014 Matt was selected to sit on the Board of Directors of the United Inventors Association of America (UIA). Matt has lectured on the topic of design, inventing and manufacturing at several universities, trade shows and television programs. He also writes articles focusing on design and manufacturing for several trade magazines.

Today Design Edge has offices in New York and Hong Kong.  Our New York studio recently relocated onto the Gold Coast movie studio lot in Bethpage, New York. It is now the largest movie studio lot on the East Coast. Our studio is right around the corner from the giant outdoor Time Square set built for Spiderman movie. 


For 25 years Design Edge has been making product concepts into reality. Let our one-stop-shop be the solution for your product or company.






August 21, 2017

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August 21, 2017

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• Engineering

• Style Guides

• Brochure and Catalog Design

• • Display Design

• Booth and Showroom Design

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