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Matt Nuccio. "Frightening Halloween Packaging."

Toy & Family Entertainment, Dec. 2009

During this past Halloween season I walked the endless retail aisles of Halloween product. I was horrified by just how cloned all of the packaging was. It didn't seem to matter who made it. It all looked the same. It was as if someone stole the plot line from the film "Innovation of the Body Snatchers" and applied it to packaging. Did someone curse the industry to all look frighteningly the same? Halloween is a time to reinvent oneself. It's time the industry follows suit. Let's dress up our packaging.


Halloween product packages are typically rectangular cards with blister forms incasing the product and a large photo of the product, or the product's end result. As ingredients, there is nothing wrong here. But I think we need to throw some eye of newt into the potion. Let's lift the curse. Don't be afraid to have fun with the die lines. Have the card outline around the artwork. If you're building a blister form, utilize it. Don't just incase the product. Raise the logo and/or tag lines up. Angle the photo a bit. Don't worry it won't effect your packing cube. Just make sure you don't exceed the height of the item itself.


Packaging is your front line of sales. If you want to sell out, you need to stand out. Have fun, dress your packaging up. Just don't bore people to death.

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